Harry Potter Butterbeer Ice Cream 

Oh wow, very hot day, and this ice cream was just the fix. It tastes almost like root beer but very pleasantly and I like the swirl inside. The swirl gives me a chocolate taste and sometimes caramel, so I will consider this a magical ice cream. It is 6oz which I found kind of small, but good enough to enjoy with some popcorn. Very good Butterbeer ice cream, I just hope Harry Potter didn’t put some spell on it. As far as ice creams go I’m more of a chocolate person, so I would also like to see some Harry Potter chocolate edition. I think that would be kind of cool, Don’t cha think?

Harry Potter Hot Butterbeer 

This Hot Butterbeer was heavy on the cream side, but nice smooth flavor. The taste really takes you to the magical castles of Harry Potter. I drank this about 5 minutes after purchase and it took me about 1 minute to finish. Because it wasn’t hot enough, I mean it was hot, but just not too hot. I think for 8 bucks this should be served very hot, so it can take some time to enjoy. Also, it comes in 1 size, so if you plan on sharing I would suggest to buy more. Very smooth flavor and just needs to be hotter, cant wait to try more WWOHP Sweets and Treats.

Harry Potter frozen Butterbeer 

By far of all the Butterbeers I have tried this one is my favorite. You can definitely taste the smoothness, the ice blends have been perfectly well done. I’m getting a little butterscotch, vanilla, and some mixture of root beer type of taste. This gives a magical vibe and best of all you don’t need a straw. You can just sip, sip, and sip all with no straw and help save ocean waste. Just don’t drink this in the chill days because it gets very cold, I got couple brain freezes drinking this. Best is to get Hot Butterbeer during chill days, but when it comes to summer, this is it.

I love the color of this Harry Potter Frozen Butterbeer and it gives me the vibe of actually being in the movie. The creamery on top, notice the texture how thick it is. Maybe some vodka shot in this could make me fly with Harry Potter in the Wizarding World. Or, maybe I shall just sit on the ride, duh! 🙂

Harry Potter Butterbeer 

This Harry Potter Butterbeer was nice in flavor and had the most of cream on top compared to the other. But, this is my least favorite amongst the frozen and the hot version. Why? because it finishes very quickly and for 8 bucks its gone in under a minute. This was also very interesting because when I drink with straw I feel like it has gas. But, when I drink without straw I feel like it has no gas. So at the end I’m confused if it has gas or not. I guess this one was really magical, also compared to the frozen and hot versions this had the least in flavor. This was good in terms of a drink, but nothing compared to the frozen version, still good though.