Alright Guys so today we are going to discuss about handmade jewelry vs computer made jewelry and which is valuable. So this is a topic that is kind of silent because most people that own a piece of jewelry such as a ring or pendant, they are unaware about how it’s made.

Handmade is Valuable  

For people who love jewelry and jewelry is their main topic then they know that handmade jewelry is obviously more valuable, and they avoid computer made jewelries. However, for people who have no understanding about what handmade jewelry is or computer made jewelry then this article will help you guys to see the difference.

Computer Made Jewelry:

  • Very easy to make.
  • Anyone from 8th grade and so on can make the jewelry designs.
  • No talent or artistic skills needed.
  • Don’t need to know how to draw.
  • Programs very simple to use.
  • Programs come with many designs that are premade for you.

Okay, so when it comes to computer made jewelry all you really have to know is how to use the program. The programs, there are thousands of them and often come with thousands of premade designs and ready for 3d printing. Often high school students are now learning and mastering these programs. You and anyone out their reading this article can start making your own jewelry designs within 6 months of learning the program. And best of all no drawing, painting, sculpting, and no art knowledge is needed in creating the computer made designs. Very user friendly and anyone who ever is interested can learn and progress with it.

Handmade Jewelry:

  • Many styles such as lost wax method.
  • Must have talent.
  • Must know how to draw and sculpt.
  • Schools don’t teach you handmade style due to difficulty.
  • Very rare people who have art talent learn and master at it.
  • Jewelry handmade is very unique.
  • Real form of art.
  • Very expensive.
  • Often labeled as handcrafted, or handmade.
  • Handmade jewelries are collectables

Okay, so for handmade jewelry you really must know how to sculpt and draw because you design the model by hand. Sometimes it can take years and years to learn how to do it by hand because big amount of talent is needed for handmade jewelry. Handmade Jewelers sell their products higher price because it takes a lot of time to create and the end result is very Unique.

lost wax jewelry

lost wax jewelry

Takes Skills to Handmake a Jewelry 

Due to the difficulty and artistic talent put inside the handmade jewelry, you would no longer guess why jewelry collectors go after the handmade jewelry and dump the computer made jewelries.

Most people consider computer made jewelry a trash due to the easiness and no talent involved.

So next time you are looking for jewelry look for it labeled handmade or handcrafted, because they are made with a talent. Feel free to comment below any good jewelry companies that you guys like. And if your unaware if its handmade or computer made, you can always shoot them an E-Mail, however expect them to confuse you if its computer made, because often they don’t like to mention that their jewelry is made by computer due to simplicity and lack of talent involved.