Are you getting Glitches from Samsung Galaxy S20 Videos in Video Editor Programs? So you just got your Samsung Galaxy S20 phone and you took videos and are excited to edit them. You upload them to video editor programs and get disappointed because the videos you took are having glitches in the video editor programs.


just add an external memory card and save the videos directly to the external memory card instead of the phone memory and this should solve this problem ūüôā

All you need is external memory card. And that’s all.


This Happens with Apple Too

Samsung users you are not the only one getting this glitches. Same occurs with the Apple phones. However, the downfall with Apple phones is that their is no external memory card. So how do you fix this with Apple if their is no external memory card? Simple, you just delete the video from the video editing program and re-add the video, and this should work. For some reason Apple phones kind of have hidden problems that people are not aware of. Causing video glitches is just one of them, not sending error messages is another subliminal issue that Apple has. What this means is when your using an App and out of nowhere the app crashes, you don’t get any message on the screen that the App crashed. So, you might be confused or not know it has crashed and think its all fine.

Lucky Samsung Users 

Samsung users are lucky that they have an additional storage area on the phone to add an external memory card. Because it is better to use an external memory card then the phones actual memory. Why? because this way you can use the phone longer, if you switch an external memory card every year you might have no problems with your phone. But, if you use the same memory for over a year then problems may occur. This is called Rear and Tear of Memory it happens as the phone ages. It is not a problem it is a natural electronical mechanism and happens with many devices.

In more detail, lets say you are using a phone everyday taking photos and videos and all of this uses the phone memory. After the memory being used for so long it eventually starts to give up. But if you are using external memory card as your main memory and lets say 10 months later switch it with a new one. Then the new one would be new and fresh and no rear and tear. Keep in mind the phone may have problems not related with memory so the memory is not a fix if the phone itself has other issues. Maybe you dropped the phone couple times and this can cause problems as something breaks in the inside of the phone.

This is all I just wanted to give more information and help you guys with video glitch problems that are taken from the phone. I hope you guys understood a little and that is all. Thanks for your Time! Take Care!