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Garik Sarkisyan

Coronavirus Poem

I was telling my friend that Coronavirus is a scam.
He said, “I don’t know man, People keep dying.”
numbers keep adding, the whole country’s on a Lockdown.
I’m in bed, laying up the Smackdown.
My girlfriends getting mad, she says, “Were running out of Condoms.”
And if i go to the store, i might catch a Virus.
– Coronavirus Poem by Garik Sarkisyan

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Super Dick

Look up in the sky! Its a bird, its a plane…
Naw, it’s just me with a super dick.
I’ve not come to rescue
I’ve come to fuck
So spread your legs girl show me what your about.
– Suck my dick, Swallow super loads of cream,
Tell the world how your appetite is satisfied, Bitch!
While your at it, tell everyone how I fucked you so hard,
how I slapped your ass, turned you around, called

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My girl is so sleepy

My girl is so sleepy, she’s in a bikini, my head is so greasy.
Very briefly I get in deeply, I leave creamy steins on her butt chicks.
Then I tell her, “Goodnight my Sweetie, when your awake we will get more busy.”
– Garik Sarkisyan

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World Stops

I’m thinking bout my life with my cock down.
When I think about my girl my cock goes up.
What can I say the bitch is hot.
She says she hates my guts, all she loves is my nuts.
She takes a load in her mouth, swallows it as a whole.
She says my nuts are as big as the whole world.
Her mouth is her masterpiece, she can do magic,
lick it to the tip

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This Rose

Roses are red, the ocean is blue.
Many fishes in the ocean, just like there’s plenty girls.
So smile, of all the billions of girls in this world,
your the only one getting this rose.
So think about it for a minute…
Think about the past,
remember the time I took you to the candy shop?
And you whispered in my ear all you really want is the
lollipop, later that night you chocked on the lollipop.

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Naughty Claus

Santa Claus is coming to town.
His checking his list, skipping the gifts,
gonna give the naughty girls banana cream pies.
Deck the halls, my bitch on check, jizzed
all over her face. Frosty the snowman is melting,
my bitche’s tits are growing. – Happiness is in the air.
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was too drunk to fly,
dropped me off at my bitch’s house and I dropped
a load in her mouth. – Oh hey!

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Her Mouth

As the year goes by
more dough comes by
The sun goes down
The moon comes up
my hoe gets undressed
and gets in the bed.
My dick is up
the moon is up
the sun is down
my bitch is down
getting it on
using her mouth.
– Garik Sarkisyan

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I don’t care about heaven or earth.
I would go to Hawaii and jump in a volcano
and burn in hell. For what I care, life ain’t
worth shit. I don’t need a carrier to be rich
I could rob a bank, shoot 20 cops, blow the
building up and walk away with a price tag
higher than Donald Trumps.
– Trump by Garik Sarkisyan

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Breast Implant

I’m at the park, bored as fuck
waiting for my girl to come.
Bitch is taking too long, I take
a look I see bunch of ants walking
along the same path. I see my girl
with bigger tits than ever headed
my way, she said, “sorry I’m late,
I was at the doctors getting a
breast implant,” I said, “you look
like a parasitic plant, joking, like
Rembrandts piece of art, your tits
look like center of attention, I

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Miss her Ass

Oh, the ocean so blue, deep color blue like
the color of my girlfriends birthstone. But
I don’t love her, fuck her, throw her in the
water with her stone and wait for megalodon
to eat her. The only thing I’ll miss about
her is her ass and that can easily be replaced
by another one.
– Miss her Ass by Garik Sarkisyan

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Corrupted Cops

I’m fun to be around because in times of danger
I don’t freeze, I take out my gat n’ squeeze. Bang!
Bang! shoot the mother fuckin’ cop down, Turn around
and shoot three more in their face, Have a nice day!
Fuck this mother fuckin’ cops been corrupted from
the start.
– Corrupted Cops by Garik Sarkisyan

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Fucking You

I told her I love you, right after I fucked her.
I told her after because its not her that I love,
its the fucking that I love, reality I’m
just being sincere, telling her thank you for fucking
you, that’s all – so if I ever tell you I love you after
fucking you, most likely its not you that I love, its
your pussy that I love, nothing more, nothing less, that’s all.

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Love is so sweet

Love is so sweet just like cotton candy,
but cotton candy is better because it
doesn’t play tricks with your heart.
– If your gonna play tricks with a
mans heart, your better off sucking
his nuts, because when you play tricks,
you will get tricked… Bitch!
– Garik Sarkisyan

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Girl named Lipsy

Got a bitch ass friend named Humpty.
Humpty stole my bitch named Lipsy.
The next day I saw my friend Humpty
and he told me he fucked my bitch named
Lipsy. I said I ain’t sweating about a bitch
and I sure don’t give a fuck about a bitch
ass friend. I rolled my Ferrari window up
and drove off with another bitch named Nikki
in the car.
– Girl named Lipsy by Garik Sarkisyan

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Damn Flowers

Bitch gave me flowers
I threw it away and walked away
I don’t give a fuck I ain’t
soft like that. Keep your
damn flowers to your damn fuckin
self stupid bitch,
– Garik Sarkisyan

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Pet Eagle

I got a pet eagle –
who flies searching for
the best hoes in town,
as my eagle finds the
best looking hoe –
it flies on top and whistles –
when it whistles I know exactly
where the best hoe in town is
and in what direction to head to.

As I spot the hoe I walk up to the hoe
spit game on the bitch, tell her she
looks great in that big ass booty.
I tell her she

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I got a deal with my girl
were going to play cards.
and if I win she’s going to
take off her tight pants.
Evetime I win, the more
she’s going to take off.
This is how we play…
half way, she’s begging
for the dick.
I lay it so deep, –
this is when its Game Over!
I win.
– Garik Sarkisyan

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If I was in Titanic, I wouldn’t be a sukkah
I would fuck the bitch on her sheets, take
her diamond – and now I’m rich.
– Fuck the first class passengers
– kill them all if I could
and when the ship sinks,
I woldnt run after no bitch.
Put on my life boat vest on and jump
and if I drown, don’t frown,
going out as the richest in this world.
– Titanic by Garik Sarkisyan

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Jurassic Park

I’m in Jurassic Park getting head in my drop.
I turn around and see a dinosaur falling on the ground.
T-rex mad as fuck is headed my way
I throw my girl in its mouth, grab my money, and I’m out.
Run-in for an escape –
Helicopter flying by throws a rope
and now were headed back to our world.
Heading back to Cali, I see the T-rex chewing up
my girl named Molly, throws her out,

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Stars 2

Kim Kardashian has a big butt
evertime I look at it I’m like
oh my gosh!
Justin Bieber lost his winner and
has a fever.
The Rock full of steroids has little to no cock.
Van Diesel teases him a lot.
Bruce Lee fought style free
Chuck Norris is the only man on this planet
that could take on a Tyrannosaurus.
– Stars 2 by Garik Sarkisyan

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People keep asking me why I wanna get
inside of Kim so much? I always say
because she has a nice ass n her Benz
is alright, And –
If her ass n Benz is alright, then
I wanna get in her tonight.
– Garik Sarkisyan

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Point of this Life

Flowers fall, sun goes down
People grow people die
what’s the point of this life.
Everyday is a new beginning
The future is the past we just
don’t see it until its over.
So again what’s the point of this
life? Nothing makes sense
but we will find out once
were in our sixth sense.
and if we don’t then we were
just not meant to know the point
of this life. and that’s the
point…to not know the point.
– Garik Sarkisyan

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