fish and krill oils are very essential to our health and provide many good nutrition. They are both good for joints, muscles, eyes, depression, and of course the heart.  Both work slight differently and many people say that krill oil is more absorbing than fish oil. However, at the end of the day they both end up providing almost the same or near beneficial values to our health. As my reviews goes I will begin with Krill Oil first:

Costco Kirkland Signature Krill Oil 500 mg

This Costco Kirkland Signature Krill Oil has 160 soft gels inside that are good for half a year. Just one a day and they are pretty small, I would like to say maybe 60% smaller than average fish oils. The best part of this krill oil is that it kind of has a candy like taste and no fish odor at all. As far as my body goes, I think I will need one that is 700 mg or more, but for the meantime this is good enough. I like that the bottle is pretty small for the amount of krill oils inside, so it doesn’t take a lot of space. I been taking this for 2 weeks now and really happy with it.