Grand Ferrero Rocher Holiday Chocolates

Grand Ferrero Rocher Holiday Chocolates

This chocolate is beyond amazing, I love the way it is wrapped and love the color of the foil. The foil it is a nice gold color and goes just perfectly with the holiday colors. Once you unwrap the wrappers their is a chocolate shell and inside the chocolate shells there is 4 chocolates. With the Ribbon on top for just 10 bucks, this is a great buy and a great gift. Also this is unique, because the chocolate shell on the outside you wont find anywhere else other than this as a gift.

Chocolate inside Chocolate 

I always came across this holiday chocolates at the stores and I never really knew what it was. I always thought it was one giant Ferrero Rocher original chocolate, which that would be really cool. However it was something very similar, it was a chocolate shell with 4 chocolates. If I would do any changes to this would be to add more chocolates inside to make it 6 instead of 4.

Made In 2 Different Countries 

The hollow chocolate ornament shell is made in Poland while the original 4 chocolates inside is made in Italy. This kind of confuses me and crosses my mind with many thoughts. One, why is the shell made in Poland and two, which is the original pieces made in Italy. Kind of confused why they couldn’t all be made at the same place.

5 out of 5

At last, this scores a perfect 5 out of 5 Stars because it is absolutely delicious and a lovely gift to give to someone. However I would recommend adding a teddy bear or some sort of toy to give this along as a gift.