I want to let you guys know that you can drink green tea without the tea bag for your health and the environment by buying Green Teas as a whole. You don’t necessary need the tea bag when it comes to green teas. Why? Because green teas are simple leaves that can be placed inside the boiling water without the need of tea bag.

Avoid Tea Bags 

Many of you are avoiding tea bags because you guys are aware of the chemicals it contains. This chemicals are very silent because when you purchase a tea and you look at the ingredients. It will say green tea and that is all, however what about the ingredients used in making the tea bag which the green teas are inside? Those chemicals used in the making of the bag end up inside the boiling water which some consider it poison. Yes many companies try to use better quality tea bags, but at one point some chemicals are still used. So the best way around this is to not use any tea bags, period.

Luckily green teas as a whole without the tea bag are sold in many grocery stores. I purchased them from A & A Grocery located at 1248 S Glendale Ave suite W, Glendale, CA 91205. There are different versions of green teas such as the two I purchased. One is Ceylon & the other I purchased is Jasmine. You can mix them together if you want or use one or the other.

Its a Win Win 

By purchasing Green tea without the tea bag you are saving a lot of money because you can make way more teas. Besides making more teas you are saving the environment from trash waste and chemical waste. This works good in many ways. One for your health and the other for the environment which its a win win.

Also, I wanted to mention that many people are buying green teas with tea bags. And they are removing the tea bag and placing the tea leaves inside stainless steel holders. So, as it comes to green teas this process is useless, because green teas are simple leaves that don’t really require stainless steel holders. In other words its unnecessary when it comes to this tea. All you have to do is just place 1 or 2 leaves inside the hot water and that’s it.

avoid tea bags by using natural Green Tea Leaves

avoid tea bags by using natural Green Tea Leaves

But, what I want to mention is that if you come across a tea other than green tea. Its a flavor of tea that you absolutely love and its sold with tea bags, then at this point you can use the stainless steel holders. You just cut the tea bag and remove the teas from inside and place them into the stainless steel holder. Then place the holder inside the boiling water. This way the tea is made through stainless steel holders rather than tea bags.

I hope I’ve helped you guys with the topic and hopefully you can avoid using tea bags, period. You may even look online at Amazon or Target for teas sold without the bag and purchase through online. 🙂