Today, I got the Domino’s Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza, Chicken Alfredo BreadBowl Pasta, and Specialty Chicken Sweet BBQ Bacon. With the coupon this was under $23.00 with a little donation to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Domino’s Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza

Dominos thin crust pizza

This thin pizza is absolutely perfect, I love the crunch and the size. The one in the video that I’m eating is size medium which is 12 inches diameter. The cheese, oil, thin crust, pepperoni, tomatoes, all are in perfect balance, its not oily compared to some pizza places. On the pizza I got light pepperoni and diced tomatoes as my 2 toppings. I absolutely loved it and I will consider their thin pizza a must try if you haven’t tried it yet.

Chicken Alfredo BreadBowl Pasta

dominos breadbowl pasta

This was good, but I think the pasta was a little not enough and the bread was a little too much. I think the way to improve this would be to make the bread 30% less and add 30% more pasta. I think with this portion it would be more of a pasta and more yummy. I mean the pizza is bread so having the pasta bread, it becomes too much bread. So by making the bread less and adding more pasta would balance the food as a whole. But, other than that it is very super delicious. I didn’t get chicken on my BreadBowl because I’m trying to avoid meat as much as possible.

Specialty Chicken Sweet BBQ Bacon

Dominos Specialty Chicken Sweet BBQ Bacon

This is absolutely super good, I mean the bacon with the BBQ and the chicken is a nice kick of flavor. I don’t even add any ranch, the taste is just perfect that I don’t think it would need any sauce to make it better. Try this you will love it.

Honey BBQ Wings – Garlic Bread Twists with Marinara Sauce – & crunchy thin crust pizza

What I love about Domino’s is that there wings are not fried, instead they are oven-baked. This makes it feel better for me when eating wings as I try to avoid fried foods. The Honey BBQ flavor on the wings is okay, but I kind of cant taste the honey. I just feel like its basic BBQ with no honey. Anyway its still good, and I like the size it comes in. The Garlic Twists its no doubt one of my favorites, I just love the buttery taste. Yes, I try to avoid butter but this is an exception, lol. The thin pizza, is the size of crust I get all the time. Domino’s really masters at this thin pizza, very perfect on the crunch and I usually finish 65% of the box.