Today I was feeling to eat chicken so decided to visit Dinah’s Chicken at Glendale, California. I seen this place before and it caught my eye plus I heard many friends of mine that said its good. But, this is the first time I’m giving it a try. I had the chicken cravings and randomly I remembered that I always wanted to try at Dinah’s and felt very unique.

Family Special 

I was lookin at their online menu at their website and I came across their Family Special for take out. The special came with 10 pieces of chicken, 2 pint sides, & 4 rolls with honey. for the pint sides I got:

  • mashed potatoes with gravy
  • stuffing with cranberry sauce (asked for an extra cranberry sauce)

this amount of food felt good enough for me to try and I also ordered waffle with syrup and 3 corn on the cob. So, I was going to try some pie as well, but I had to control my eating habits since I’m on a roll of eating none stop. Also the waffle is sweet so is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Dinah's Chicken

Dinah’s Chicken

10 pc of Chicken 

The Chicken was very interesting because on the chicken bucket it says: “Exclusive Method so free from cooking oil.” I’m assuming this is not fried or I was confused thinking maybe its fried using something alternative to oil, but I’m not sure. Just assuming if it has no oil, I guess its not fried. But anyway the texture of this chicken is just amazing. I love how well done it is cooked and the inside is greasy and yummy. Not sure what the grease inside is, since its not oil, whatever it is, sure felt very unique. This chicken feels some what healthy and I like how it comes with different parts of the chicken.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy 

The mashed potatoes was something else, maybe one of the best ones I had in Los Angeles. But I really didn’t like the gravy, however the gravy was cold when I tried it. Maybe if the gravy is hot might have been good, but during cold it wasn’t good. The gravy had some sort of tropical twist of flavor, felt like mangos and pineapples. The gravy to me had an odd taste, however the mashed potatoes was outstanding in all areas.

Waffle with Syrup

The waffle with syrup came in a good size, just perfect and good to eat with the chickens. It had sugar coating and came with 2 syrups, also some butter. This waffle was nice, just satisfied my sugar cravings, I kind of wanted another one. Maybe next time will get 2 waffles instead of 1.

Stuffing with Cranberry Sauce

I didn’t want to get stuffing, but at the same time I just wanted to try Dinah’s. Well, what can I say, I think this stuffing would be perfect with turkey because I usually get turkey with stuffing and not chicken. I got extra cranberry sauce and I mean as a stuffing its good, I could picture people eating this with the chicken, but not my style of side to go along with chicken. But, just that I tried it, was really good and had good amount of ingredients inside.

4 Rolls with Honey

The breads that came along with the family special was very soft and went along with the chicken deliciously.

Corn on the Cob

This was by far an outstanding in flavor. The butter taste gave me a hint of the classic days. This is one corn that I got to say you must try this. Loved how it came in a popcorn bag, that was fun, its not popcorn, but duh! its corn, lol very cool idea, I loved this corn and is very different in the buttery taste. This is one corn taste that I haven’t tried from anywhere else yet.

Good Foods at Dinah’s Chicken and happy I tried it, I will return to get more Chicken.