this Del Taco Honey Chipotle BBQ Collection is pretty new at Del Taco and I was in the mood for some BBQ Burrito. The new BBQ Collection includes burrito, taco, and some loaded fries. Check it out in this video:

This BBQ Collection is:

  1. BBQ Crispy Chicken Taco
  2. BBQ Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries
  3. Epic BBQ Crispy Chicken & Bacon Burrito

Epic BBQ Crispy Chicken & Bacon Burrito

When it comes to burrito I’m really used to the traditional way which is adding sauce to the burrito. However, as far as this Burrito goes I’ve tried 4 different sauces and none of them made it complete. The sauces I tried are: Habanero, Chipotle, BBQ, and Hot Sauce. As eating the burrito and adding this sauces none of them seemed like the right sauce. Then as eating this burrito with no sauce, it was just it. This is one burrito that is good with no sauce needed.

The burrito has couple of chickens inside and some greens along with the BBQ Sauce inside. This was a pretty nice burrito, I liked the greens inside, but I think it needed some more greens. The size was good, not too small and not too big, however as a combo with only fries I think this would be a little small to medium size meal.

I absolutely loved the bacon in this burrito. The bacon taste as eating kind of felt silent like there is no bacon inside. Yet, the bacon mixed with the chicken and the greens plus the BBQ provided nice Epic taste. 🙂

BBQ Crispy Chicken Taco

This Taco just like the burrito had no sauce good to go along with. It is good as is grab and eat, however it is pretty small. I think I could finish like 5 of this tacos to be satisfied. The BBQ side of the taste was good, but the BBQ Sauce was very minimal on this taco. I think it needed some more Sauce and I like how it is on a flower tortilla. As eating this taco I really cant picture this to be on a hard shell tortilla. Just the taste and the chicken inside suits so well with this soft flower tortilla.

Del Taco BBQ Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries

Of this BBQ Collection the Loaded fries is the only one that comes with beef inside. The toppings are: Fries, BBQ sauce, ranch sauce, beef, bacon, cheese, onions, and cilantros. I think the beef was a little too much and the BBQ Sauce was a little to low compared to the ranch. I also think it needs more onions and cilantros. I liked the size of this loaded fries and goes very well with the rest of the BBQ Collection.

As far as this BBQ Collection goes, I think they are great when combined together. For instance, instead of getting them individually with fries and drink, I think this 3 items should be served together as a meal. They satisfy one another just perfectly and all 3 together I think makes a nice size of a meal. Otherwise, I find all this BBQ’s very little to be a combo order when served individually.

I also like to add that I ordered mini churros and they forgot to put it in the bag. So, I ate some ice cream for dessert that had Whiskey inside. 🙂 Also, when I order this again I definitely wont get any sauce because I found this good as is meals.