The Main Chick Sandwich 

This sandwich is on fire, I love the size and I love the texture of the chicken. It is pretty big and the heat level that I got was Feel it Twice which is hot. I kind of started having some sweat spots on top of my head, and The chicken taste is pretty delicious. Very yummy and it has coleslaw inside with some sauce and the chicken is simple and delicious. I recommend this sandwich  because It is big enough and full of flavor.

Fries and Comeback Sauce

The Fries is just basic fries, cant say much about the fries other than that it comes in a good portion. Some restaurants specially fast food give tiny amount of fries and you end up unsatisfied. But, with Cluck and Blaze the amount of the fries is just good. The Comeback sauce is my favorite, it is a perfect blend for dipping the fries. Just make sure to add it to the order because the sauce is sold separate. I see why its called comeback sauce because I will definitely “come back” again to get this sauce and fries.


Nothing special about the coleslaw, It is just good flavor to add to the sandwiches that come with coleslaw inside. The best coleslaw that I’ve had so far that hasn’t been beat by any restaurant yet is from Ludo Bird.