I absolutely love this Chuck Norris Water Bottles, it has his picture on it and Signature. Very cool and it has gone through volcanic rocks and ash, what better water can I ask for. High on the PH and the alkaline is not artificially raised, so as it comes to water, this is all the best. As I found out Chuck Norris has some Sparkling new waters I knew I had to try all of them. So, as my review goes for CForce I will start the first one by unboxing the Sparkling Steel Dragonfruit box.

Unboxing CForce Steel Dragonfruit SPARKLING Artesian Mineral Water

I purchased this Chuck Norris CForce Steel Dragonfruit Sparkling Water from Amazon. As I was opening it up It came with a sticker and a pen, this got me happy because I liked the pen. Something new to write with and the sticker is pretty cool, however as I opened the 2nd box it only came with a large sticker and no pen. So, I got the pen, but just be aware not all boxes contain the pen. But, its not about the pen or sticker this water looks amazing. I love the packaging, the bottle shape, and the designs on the bottle.

Best of all it has only 3 ingredients: Water, C02, and Organic Flavoring. Unlike many other Sparkling waters, this one aims at the simple side and no unnecessary ingredients. Way the go Chuck Norris! Nice Sparkling Water, cant wait to enjoy this with food and snacks.

The Message on the Sparking Bottles:

Pure. Powerful. Perfect. Filtered through volcanic rock and dating back 23,000 years to the last Ice Age, CForce sparkling mineral water comes directly from a living, sustainable aquifer deep underneath Chuck Norris’ Lone Wolf Ranch. To give you the best premium carbonated water on the planet, we use recycled plastic and bottle at the source to preserve the waters’ minerals and naturally high pH. CForce isn’t just water – it’s a roundhouse kick of bubbly hydration.

Tasting the CForce Mineral Waters and Premium Water 

So far I see that there are only 4 flavors of the Sparkling Mineral Waters and of course the Premium Artesian Water. So here as my review goes for each flavor:

  • Legendary Lime – This one has that 7up, Sierra Mist, and Sprite type of flavor. With just 3 ingredients, water, C02, and Organic Flavor, this delivers full taste and yet very simple on the ingredients. Also, the gas is pretty low, almost feels like water with hint of gas which is what I like.
  • Ranger Raspberry – This flavor feels like someone squeezed some berries in this drink and came out with this flavor. I like the taste its well done and not low on the taste, just perfect amount.
  • Steel Dragonfruit – This kind of confused me at first, because I just didn’t know what it was going to taste like. It feels like it has a dragonfruit essence inside, but just very low amount.
  • Perfectly Plain – The name says it all, just plain mineral water with no flavor so it has only 2 ingredients: water & c02.
  • Premium Artesian Water – No gas in this drink only pure water with high alkaline which is natural and loaded with some nice minerals. Minerals included are: Silica, Magnesium, Sulfate, Potassium, Bicarbonate, & Total Dissolved Solids: 330 mg/L.

Great Waters 

I absolutely love all this drinks from Mineral Waters to Premium Waters and my favorite is Legendary Lime. Love Legendary Lime and Ranger Raspberry just the same. I feel like with foods I will drink the Raspberry and on its own I may go with the Lime. it just matters in the mood, and the Steel Dragonfruit, feel like that’s when I’m bored of the other 2. Nothing to say about the Perfectly Plain because its just plain mineral water, great taste which means water is great as well.

As far as the Premium Artesian Water goes, I like that its natural on the alkaline and its high Ph. lately I been trying to drink high Ph water so I like how this is naturally sourced. Great Waters by Chuck Norris I like them all, and let the Force be with you. 🙂

Remember to Recycle 🙂

I’ve also mixed all the Sparkling Mineral Waters together to see what it would taste like? It tastes like Chuck Norris did a Roundhouse kick to one tree and it came out with all this flavors. lol, don’t recommend mixing it together.