fun day at Universal Studios Hollywood came across some cool ufo and had yummy food ūüôā

So, I was eating some yummy delicious ribs from Tony Romas Ribs and then we were walking around the Globe. As we were walking by the globe, all of a sudden this object appeared in the sky. It was near Christmas so all the Christmas decorations were up at City Walk and the Theme Park. This object that was flying was making this lights figure which kind of looks like a fish. Everyone was confused, no one knew what this exactly was. People were puzzled over this UFO or whatever flying object it is in the sky. 

Some people thought its a show in the sky at first, then they noticed its something beyond what we know. I’m very happy to come across this UFO object in the sky, it made my day and had a blast. I got some pretzels with jalapeno cheese dip from Wetzel Pretzels and had an awesome discussion about this flying object.¬†

I wish I took some more videos or some better pictures, but at that time I wasn’t focused on video taping it. I was having a blast with my partner and busy discussing on what this flying object is.¬†

very exciting 

for the first 1 or 2 hours their was no news notification on my phone about this object. I have some news apps on my phone so every time stuff like this happen, I always get a notification about it. But, for some strange reason for this UFO, their was absolutely no notifications until couple hours later. So we were discussing how come their was no notifications until couple hours later? This seemed very strange and cool, until now this is something ill never forget.

I wish I took longer video and pictures, but this excited me and everyone too much. ūüôā¬†

Media Conspiracy 

So as the news announced that this is a rocket from Space X, some people got relaxed because they didn’t know what it was. However, most people are doubting the news and are thinking the Government is keeping a secret and they don’t want to panic people. Because, they don’t them selves know what this flying objects really are. We all have seen rockets going to space, but we never saw it going to space this way. This is beyond peoples knowledge and some people believe that the news is wrong.¬†

Also, their was videos made from beginning to end of the rocket, however why where those videos given to us hours after? Why wasn’t their any videos of the launce provided to us during the launch? This are the type of questions the people want to know.¬†

My Opinion 

I don’t believe this was a Space X rocket because normally when Space X would Launch a Rocket people are aware of it. People know from months, weeks, to couple hours right before the rocket launch. However, for this rocket no one knew anything until many hours later. after 3 t 4 hours later is when all news sources started all talking about this Rocket that took off from Space X.¬†