I was very excited to see that BK has brought some new Chicken Sandwiches to their menu. This Chickens are crispy and was pretty impressed with the size. Well I will start with the regular Hand-Breaded Sandwich review first:

BK Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwich

At first I was excited to try this new Bk Crispy Chicken Sandwich. But, as I was eating I found this on the basic side. It looks good and the chicken is just so well Breaded, however it has absolutely no taste. It only have 2 pickles and some sauce inside with nothing else, well there seems to be some tiny stuff in the bottom of the bread as well.

they didn’t give me the right order

Truthfully, I was kind of upset with this order because I ordered one spicy and one none spicy. Instead of getting both, I got 2 regulars only with no spice. But, that’s okay because I will get the Spicy one with Tomatoes and lettuce another time.

As I was eating this I was starting to crave KFC, I felt like this should have been a chicken stripe rather than a sandwich. Zero flavor with this sandwich, but loved the chicken texture and size.