So I’m using Tetra EasyStrips to test Top Fin Betta Water & Imagitarium Betta Water. I also added my water as if its ready to use for a New Betta. For my water I used sink water, water conditioner, bacteria starter, and freshwater salt. I’m not sure what I need for a betta tank but from my understanding I need those 3. Both waters gave different results on the PH, Total Alkalinity, and Total Hardness.

 photo waterTestTopFinImagitarium_zpsjcybrpcl.jpeg

Betta Water Top Fin and Imagitarium 2 photo 20200422_210323_zpso8uu4kyk.jpg

Betta Water Top Fin and Imagitarium photo 20200422_210306_zpscn53zbo5.jpg

Betta Water Top Fin 2 photo 20200422_210435_zpsodqomjuv.jpg

Betta Water Top Fin photo 20200422_210424_zpszqneyscc.jpg

Betta Water Imagitarium photo 20200422_210444_zps0khyjoec.jpg

Betta Water Imagitarium 2 photo 20200422_210453_zps0mgud08w.jpg

Betta Water Imagitarium 3 photo 20200422_210508_zpsd88laidx.jpg