Antojitos Cocina Mexicana is located inside Universal CityWalk Hollywood and is the restaurant that replaced Camacho’s Cantina. Camacho’s was my favorite Mexican restaurant and I was very upset that it got replaced by Antojitos. However, I’m always ready to try something new and I like to see changes too. I like the way Antojitos is decorated because it kind of has that tropical look to it. I will start by showing you guys the menu first.

The Menu 

This is the Menu, you can check out all the foods and all the alcohols being offered. ūüôā

Burrito & Carne Asada Tacos & Elote

Well, I was kind of disappointed with this 3 items because I just found them on the basic side. if I’m ordering something expensive from a fancy restaurant I at least want something well worth the price.

The Burrito was actually a wet burrito and not a regular burrito, which I think this can confuse or disappoint people. Its absolutely delicious, but just soggy and not something you can hold and eat. Eating this you got to use a knife and fork just like its a wet burrito. The size was good, but just comes with some lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, and sour cream on the side. I wish it came with rice & beans as well, however its okay as its a restaurant and they have appetizers too. Great taste, just not worth the buck as its too basic coming from an fancy restaurant.

Carne Asada Tacos is marinated with Tequila and comes with 3 tacos, Rice, Beans, and limes. Its very delicious, I loved it, but just as the burrito, I found it basic and overpriced. You cant taste the Tequila and it definitely needs way more onions. I loved how the beans are smashed, but as a meal I think 5 tacos would be more complete rather than 3. I really liked this meal and its yummy, but I wouldn’t get this again because as its from a fancy restaurant I would consider getting something you cant find from elsewhere.

Burrito and Carne Asada Tacos are good, but they only had me craving chilis, jalapenos, reddish, & pickled carrots.

As far as the Elote goes, it is absolutely an amazing corn. The texture of the mayo, cheese, and cilantro is just perfect. Very amazing in taste and just the way it looks its very nice and you just want to eat it. Yummy, but I would expect more corn as its an appetizer and 3 tiny corn just doesn’t seem to cut it.

The Antojitos Cocina Mexicana I went to is inside Universal CityWalk Hollywood, 100 Universal City Plz, Universal City, CA 91608.