This are 10 reasons why we must drink water in the mornings:

  1. water helps with digestion
  2. speeds up your metabolism
  3. your brain tissue is about 75% water
  4. provides a nice glowing skin texture
  5. flushes out toxins
  6. you will eat less
  7. helps to lose weight
  8. overall body immune health
  9. hydrates you
  10. helps to prevent most diseases

Also lets not forget that you were asleep for good standard 8 hours or for how many hours you were asleep. This means for the entire time you were asleep you never drank water so your body needs its water since it didn’t consume any for many hours. An average person skips water for breakfast and drinks sodas like Pepsi, coke, or coffees with a lot of sugar and cream. This is very wrong because lets remember that the body is about 70 to 75% water so this means it needs water for overall health and not sodas or sugary coffees.

No Water Leads to Obesity 

Not drinking water can lead to over weight and this is because if your not drinking water then you are drinking sugary beverages. Sugary beverages have other chemicals inside the body that damage the organs and also slow down the metabolism. If you are skipping the water this also means that most likely you are skipping healthy foods and consuming junk foods.

It all starts from the water, if your water system is bad then your entire body can be unhealthy due to lack of clean water. And beverages are not a substitute to water, you must drink water.

When you wake up from sleep remember its not Monster or Red bull that you need but only water. Just water itself will keep you in better function than any energy drink. However, most people skip the water because it has no taste. Many people go for taste which is the reason why they are skipping water to begin with. to pay the cost of skipping water body problems rise in the future due to lack of regular water. So, remember drink the water now and save money to doctor visits for the future.

If you are one of those people who just don’t care and are going to drink unhealthy beverages in the morning, then be smart about it. you can get a 100% blueberry juice and add 10% to a cup and add 90% water and now you have a natural homemade beverage. or if you don’t like blueberry then use cranberry or any other fruit like pomegranate. this method as a beverage is one that will benefit you because your only using 2 ingredients. So as you can see that their is always a way to be healthy, you just have to not be lazy and be willing to enjoy a healthy life style.

I hope you guys start drinking water now in the mornings and also start looking at food ingredients before you buy them. The key thought in mind is if any food or beverage has a chemical instead then ditch that drink of beverage. That’s all Thanks for your Time and Stay hydrated. ūüôā